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Wildlife on our Property

This is a view from the front door of our main house, in the winter. There is a bird feeder near the little pond you see, and the deer like to raid it sometimes. We see deer, raccoon, rabbits, possum, and the occasional skunk. Oh, and the armadillos come around and dig up my plants, so I don't like them anymore. At night, we frequently hear coyotes, but we don't usually see them during the day. (Although there was the time that little Daisy was chased by a coyote in broad daylight.) I'll tell that story in another post. Richard and I like to keep up with the winged visitors around our property also. In the cabin, we keep a running list of birds that we have sighted here. Around the pond, we sometimes see ducks and herons, and those are interesting. And then there are the owls. Since Rich keeps his pigeons near the house, we have had owls go through the little hatch door in the Pigeon Palace and prey on the poor pigeons. When this happens, Rich has to go inside the Pigeon Palace with thick leather gloves and remove the intruder and set it free (I stand far away). I think owls have mesmerizing eyes.

In the photo above, inside the pond you can see an aquarium. Rich installed it, upside down, with the idea that you can see the little goldfish come up into it. If you look closely, you can see a couple of fish near the top of the fish tank.

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