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Spring Is Here Again

When we first got our little cabin, it was meant to be for family visitors, because our main house is small and we don't really have good accomodations in there for visitors. But of course, most of the time the cabin was sitting empty, in between family visitors. Then I started to think about listing it on Airbnb, but I doubted that many people would come out here, really in the middle of nowhere. But shortly after listing it, we got our first booking, and it's been busy ever since. Turns out that many people in the cities are eager to escape to the country for a weekend getaway, a shopping trip to Round Top, or to celebrate anniversaries. We have met many, many good people that come to visit and relax at our cabin, and Rich and I want to say Thank You to all of you for choosing to come here. We will keep striving to make your time here enjoyable and comfortable. It's you, our guests, that makes this little adventure fun and worthwhile for us. There's lots of chaos in the world today, and it's good to know that there are so many good, kind people around.

I went to a local nursery and bought a bunch of new herbs and little veggies to plant. I think there's something inside us that makes us think about Spring and growing things. It's hard to turn away from all the little packs of plants at the nursery. So I will plant my herbs and veggies, and hopefully watch them grow strong and healthy. Spring is here and I will enjoy the beautiful weather, the birds, and the wildflowers. There is much to be thankful for.

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