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What a winter storm!

We are in the midst of some of the coldest temps Texas has ever seen. Yesterday we woke up to frozen pipes, so we were without water. We left the faucets on in case the pipes thawed enough, and sure enough, we got water back this afternoon. I guess we take running water for granted. Luckily, we had filled some containers with water before the storm, and we were fine. But between us, the dogs and cat, the pigeons and quail, we used alot more water than I expected. Note to self: Store More Water Next Time. We are not out of the woods yet, still waiting for more frigid temps and ice coming down, but we did get through the coldest night in the forecast, which for us was 8 degrees.

We went for a walk in the snow today, and discovered that the surface of the pond was frozen over, something we had never seen before. As we walked along, I noticed Daisy walking on the pond, and my heart jumped. Luckily Daisy doesn't weigh much, and the ice didn't break under her!

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