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As I write this, Rich is busy refurbishing an old pigeon coop that we will use to raise quail. We've never raised quail before, so this will be a new adventure for us. This is something we have been thinking about for quite a while, mainly because we like the idea of raising some of our own meat, and we wanted to start with something small and manageable. Rich does harvest a deer every season, right here on our property, so we have venison to eat throughout most of the year. But we want a little more variety, so we are getting into quail. We still buy regular meat at the store, and we don't expect to meet all our needs from the quail meat, but we think it's a small step toward self reliance. And quail is just good eating. So we'll be watching lots of Youtube videos to learn as much as we can about raising quail, and hopefully we will have at least a little success with it.

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